New Teladoc Options Drive Increased
Utilization and Lower Costs  

MedCost Benefit Services is excited to announce two important new enhancements to our Teladoc product:

NEW!  No Consult Fee (employer option)

Beginning with your next plan renewal, you can offer your health plan members a “no consult fee1" for Teladoc consultations. That’s right—utilizing Teladoc can be free for your members. Quick, convenient access and no credit card needed to set up an account. Utilization of Teladoc drives savings for your plan, and higher utilization is expected with a no consult fee in place.

A little tweak to plan design delivers exponentially big returns2

NEW!  Tele-Behavioral Health (employer option)

The demand for Behavioral Health services continues to grow. However, access challenges and cost are still major barriers for members who need this care. As part of their core medical service, Teladoc has added a comprehensive Tele-Behavioral Health solution. Members receive convenient, quality care from a network of experienced psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors with low cost consultations at a flat, per-encounter fee. Members see the same provider throughout the course of care. 

According to a Towers Watson survey, the number of employers providing telehealth services as a benefit to their employees is expected to reach 80% by 2018, up from only 38% in 2015, and MedCost clients are part of this growing trend. Since we began partnering with Teladoc, our clients' health plan members have completed nearly 7,400 consultations at an average savings of $247 per consultation.

Want to learn more about this affordable alternative to ER, urgent care, and physician office visits and the recent enhancements that make it such a valuable benefit for your plan members? Contact your MedCost Benefit Services Account Manager today.

1Due to regulations imposed under the Affordable Care Act, the “no consult fee” is not available to plan members who actively contribute to a Health Savings Account as part of a High Deductible Health Plan. These members can still experience significant savings with Teladoc since the fee for a Teladoc consultation is $45 vs. an average cost of $141 for an office visit.  
2Teladoc (equation is illustrative only; individualized results may vary)