Deadline for open enrollment data is November 27 for plans with a January 1 renewal

’Tis the season…for 2018 Open Enrollment! And, whether you are mid-way through your enrollment period already or just beginning the process, MedCost Benefit Services’ Open Enrollment Guide can be a valuable resource. This comprehensive document covers best practices and helpful tips for all aspects of enrollment. 

Some important highlights from our Open Enrollment Guide:

Encourage health plan members to create a secure online account at to help with plan decisions for the coming year. Please download and share this new handout with your plan members to let them know about the advantages of a secure online account. Including information about the member account in your open enrollment materials reminds members of the tools and self-service capabilities that are available to them and eases requests for HR support. Members can view claims and check flex balances to determine if they need to allocate more or less money for 2018. They also can access a digital copy of their ID card and view EOBs online.

Collect enrollment data and submit it to MedCost at one time. 
Submitting information piecemeal or in multiple spreadsheets, or in a single spreadsheet with multiple tabs that must be merged or compared, only increases the chance for errors and may cause delays. See our standard enrollment template for the preferred format and reference if you are sending your information via Excel. Please also note that it is always best to only send the updates or changes, along with new enrollees. Remember, for clients with a January 1 plan renewal date, the deadline to submit enrollment data to MedCost is November 27, 2017.

Stress the importance of entering good (clean) data, especially if members enter their own enrollment information into a benefits administration system or enrollment tool. Whatever information a member inputs is used to determine their benefits coverage. Misspelled names, typos or extraneous characters, and missing dependent information can lead to misdirected mail or incorrect coverage decisions at a later time.

MedCost Benefit Services is here to support you and your open enrollment process! Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions.