Teladoc Introduces Two New
Enhancements for the New Year 

Teladoc is introducing two new enhancements to their core product to optimize the member experience in 2018.

Caregiver Program
The Caregiver Program is a convenient and affordable way for members to help provide care for an elderly or sick relative. Members can add a care recipient to their Teladoc account* and arrange a 2- or 3-way video or phone visit with a doctor 24/7 for just $45 per visit. Extended family members can be added to a member’s Teladoc account even if they are not covered under the same health plan. No claims are filed; consultations for extended family are available at the flat $45 fee.

Location-Based Reminders        
If location notifications are enabled, Teladoc users will receive a message whenever they are near an Urgent Care Center, reminding them of Teladoc’s ease and convenience versus an Urgent Care or ER visit. New Teladoc users will be prompted after registration to allow notifications and, if their GPS is turned on, to share their location. Existing users can turn on location-based notifications via Help & Settings in the Teladoc app.

To mitigate any member frustration, specific limits are in place to avoid notification overload and battery drainage. Also, if a member is actively using the Teladoc app, a notification will not trigger.

If you want to know more or have any questions, please contact your MedCost Benefit Services Account Manager.
*Authorization is required to add a care recipient, either by uploading the appropriate legal documents or Teladoc emailing the care recipient to request authorization.