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Dental and Vision

Dental and Vision Benefit Options

MedCost can provide a single source for the administration of other benefits such as dental and vision.

These supplementary benefits are significant components of a company’s overall benefits package. Regular dental and vision check-ups provide touchpoints where more complex conditions can be identified early saving pain, money and time. MedCost can help design a custom program and handle the related plan administration.


Poor oral health has been linked to conditions such as strokes as well as heart and lung disease. Employees are more likely to schedule regular dental visits if their employer offers a dental plan where many conditions can be detected and treated early. Dental coverage is a practical and affordable enhancement to your company’s self-funded benefit plan.


Eye care professionals can often detect and predict risk for diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, stroke and heart disease. Early detection of these and other conditions can help minimize financial impact on benefits costs.