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Education and Training

Education and Training

Staff Training Opportunities

As a participating provider, you are the foundation of our provider network. You’ve committed to working with MedCost on behalf of your patients. We have committed to providing you with the support, assistance and training you need to effectively and efficiently implement our administrative procedures. We offer a variety of training opportunities to help you gain a thorough understanding of MedCost procedures and available tools and resources. If you have questions about training options or want additional staff training, we can accommodate that request in a manner that is convenient for your team.

Looking for training? Check out our informational training videos.

Access training any time. Our video series accommodates your schedule. And if you have questions, we are glad to help.

Product Demos

Learn how this valuable tool can help you save time and effort with claims follow up.

MedCost Provider E-News

MedCost regularly publishes informative e-news exclusively for participating practices in the MedCost Network. Past topics have included how to file claims electronically, how to add a provider to an existing practice, and how to avoid claims processing issues. If you would like to subscribe to this helpful service, please complete the form below.