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You Can Help Companies Find the Benefits Balance

You got into this business to take care of people, to provide health coverage for companies seeking to protect their employees. But lately, business owners are looking for new corporate health care strategies. They need a way to provide quality benefits to their employees without creating a financial burden on the company itself. Customized self-funded benefit plans from MedCost provide the quality care, convenient network and analytics needed for efficient cost management.

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Generational Views of Health Benefits

MedCost fielded a proprietary survey to understand how different generations use and value their health benefits. Respondents from NC, SC and Virginia participated in the study. The results may surprise you.

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The balance of medical care and benefits cost. Download our overview of cost and care strategies

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Understanding the MedCost Benefits Balance

Choosing a Cost-Effective Health Care Plan

Can a self-funded plan with stop loss insurance save your business money? Download our Stop Loss White Paper to learn more about how stop loss insurance protects your assets against catastrophic claims in a self-funded plan.

Help your clients achieve a healthier, happier workforce.

Healthy & Whole is a program to help employees be their best selves.

Recommending MedCost

We are committed to offering an affordable portfolio of choices when it comes to health care benefit products and services including medical and dental administration, flexible spending account and COBRA administration.

Care Management

To help understand needs and outcomes, innovative population health management programs are used to track utilization management, transitional care counseling, complex case management, maternity management, nurse health coaching and health and wellness.

Our Care Management team collaborates with our pharmacy benefit management partners to identify and reduce pharmacy gaps in care such as medication adherence, brand to generic prescribing opportunities, drug administration site-of-care review, and conservative and right-sized therapy evaluation.



MedCost has a vast network of providers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, including hundreds of hospitals and more than 100,000 providers as well as relationships with national networks for minimal coverage disruption.


Our team of underwriters for preferred carriers is here to assist you in obtaining the most efficient and cost-effective reinsurance.

Convenient Information Access

Our complete and thorough data analysis is customized for each client's population. We are flexible in our reporting and responsive should you request data on an employer group.