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Care Approach

Our Care Approach

care approach

Our individualized care supports the sick and the well—from providing treatment coordination for a complex condition to a lifestyle coach who helps reset and maintain life’s balance. MedCost makes care personalized so that every employee has the tools and support they need to be their best self. Our care management reporting includes the results from these nurse-recommended tools.


Seventy-five percent of most business populations are healthy and well. MedCost wants to keep them that way. That’s why we provide programs that support a full spectrum of wellness needs. These programs are about more than weight and blood pressure, though those things are certainly important. Decreasing stress through lifestyle coaching, financial health education and tobacco cessation information can create a healthier, happier more productive person.

At-Risk and Rising Risk Care

Chronic diseases and conditions require individualized nurse coaching and education. A specialized nursing team and staff pharmacist use advanced analytics to provide timely interventions to help manage these costly, difficult health challenges. Transitional care nurses help members navigate from inpatient settings to skilled nursing facilities, long-term acute care facilities or home health care. High-risk pregnancies can be managed through a program called SmartStarts to monitor conditions of both mother and baby.

Complex Care

Life-altering injuries, illnesses and diagnoses need specialized care. MedCost has individualized intervention and care for those navigating severe health conditions. Our goal is to ensure the best use of available resources. Experienced registered nurses work with patients, caregivers and physicians to complement a doctor’s prescribed plan of care. Clinical pharmacists review specialty medication use and identify alternative treatment plans that are shared with the patient and clinical care team.

Acute Care

Accidents and sicknesses are going to happen from time to time. MedCost selects care strategies that provide positive health and financial outcomes. Whether it is as efficient as 24/7/365 telehealth services or coordinating inpatient and outpatient care reviews during a hospital stay, our goal is to get your employees back to their best selves.

The Value of Care Management

Efficient and individualized care makes the difference to both patient recovery and plan funds spent. In 2017, members in the MedCost plan who had complex conditions were 100% satisfied with their benefits experience. As for employers, those same employee programs produced a 5:1 return on investment. A program like nurse health coaching can have a remarkable effect on a company’s participants.

Care Management Outcomes