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Health and Wellness

Health care benefits are designed to help your employees be their best selves—from physical and emotional health to social connectivity and financial health.

Customized Employee Wellness Options

Traditional insurance of old made us believe that health benefits were strictly for the sick. But it is important to provide wellness resources to all your employees, particularly the 75% who are healthy and well. Many of these healthy employees are actively working to be at their best. The flexibility of a self-insured plan allows you to handpick services and programs that cater and appeal to your staff. These resources prevent small health concerns from becoming a larger issue. They are also designed to drive healthy habits and lifestyle behavior changes, making employees healthier, happier and more productive.

  • Consulting Services

    MedCost can conduct an assessment of your company’s current wellness state and make program recommendations. This consultation can integrate wellness into existing company programs and with other company initiatives. MedCost can also help align programs with leadership vision, goals or objectives.

  • Gaps in Preventive Care

    Preventive care required by the Affordable Care Act is covered at 100% but many people do not actively seek it. A direct mail program reminds members of the recommended preventive care services available to them, based on their qualifying criteria: annual wellness visits, mammograms, Pap tests, prostate cancer screenings and colonoscopies, to name a few.

  • Health Risk Assessment

    MedCost offers three health risk assessment tools for your staff.

    Personal Health Suite: This is a comprehensive well-being assessment that includes self-reported biometrics or a biometric file feed if available.

    Fitness App: Individual assessment, using about 25 questions, taken via the app that allows program recommendations to be personalized based on the answers provided. This option does not include biometric data.

    Lifestyle Coaching: Online survey assessment, about 15-20 questions, to get a general sense of the areas in which a member might want to focus and to provide some background information that is helpful for the coach. This option does not include biometric data.

  • Health Screenings

    Both on-site and off-site health screenings are available, especially if convenience and time are at a premium for your employees. On-site health screenings assess and report disease risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity- and smoking-related diseases, and certain cancers. On-site services also include targeted labs, consultations and identifying at-risk members who would benefit from the MedCost Personal Care Management program.

  • Lifestyle Coaching

    Lifestyle coaching provides members with personalized, one-on-one coaching to help them get healthy and stay healthy. Members initiate the first connection with the coach and have continued access to unlimited phone, email, text or video chat coaching sessions. Topics include tobacco cessation, weight management, physical activity, sleep, financial health, social health and emotional health. There is a combined discount price if purchased with wearable device and fitness app option.

  • Telehealth for Behavioral Counseling

    Emotional and behavioral counseling is available through the telehealth option. This can help with immediate counseling needs but is also a way to connect employees to a counselor on an ongoing basis without the need for an in-person office visit.

  • Personal Health Suite

    This online platform is a combination of programs and trackers that guide members toward improved lifestyle choices and healthy habits. Aspects of health and wellness that can be addressed are:

    • Healthier Diet • Healthy Heart • Active Living • Smoke-Free • Healthy Weight • Stress Relief • Take Charge • Cholesterol Tracker • Sleep Tracker • Stress Tracker • Weight Tracker • Nutrition Tracker • Blood Pressure Tracker • A1C/Glucose Tracker

    The health suite also includes a participant health portal, where members can access and store information:

    • Personal Health Record • Monthly Seminars • Action Plan/Tracking • Videos and Articles • Virtual Lifestyle Coaching • Wellness Challenges • Wellness Incentive • Device Connectivity • Wellness Reminders • Recipes

Access to DIY Wellness

There are programs that are customized additions, but every plan includes the following programs that allow those who are active in their health to work toward reducing stress through exercise, relieving financial worry, living smoke-free and monitoring their health in a proactive manner.

  • Fitness Center Network

    Whether your employees are ready to kick-start their fitness routine or just looking to take it up a level, the Active&Fit Direct program allows your health plan members to choose from more than 9,000 participating fitness centers nationwide for just $25 a month (plus a $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes). This program is member self-directed, meaning members are responsible for managing their memberships.

  • Financial Health and Education

    Financial stress can affect not only an employee’s outlook but their health as well. MedCost has partnered with a leading financial institution in order to provide your staff with the knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions and actively manage their finances. Employees can choose from on-demand webinars and on-site education on topics like budgeting and saving, home buying, estate planning, credit boosting, and identity protection.

  • Tobacco-Free Living

    Living without tobacco is a personal journey. We provide your employees with a variety of support tips and tools. The National Cancer Institute provides online tools combined with phone and live chat support from a tobacco cessation coach and expert. Each employee can build a personalized quit plan with confidence as well as learn how to manage cravings and the emotions around quitting.

  • MyCarePath

    MyCarePath is a secure way to help employees take charge of managing their health. They can use tools to evaluate symptoms, research medications and conditions, track activities and calculate their fitness and stress levels. There are even tools that can calculate an individual’s risk for a heart attack or stroke.


    If a member is enrolled in one of our Care Management programs they have the ability to message directly with their assigned MedCost nurse or health coach and view individualized care plans and monitor goals through MyCarePath.


    Members can also use MyCarePath to view status on any prior authorization requests for procedures and hospital stays, as well as view employer-offered incentives and their progress toward meeting their goals. Expectant mothers enrolled in the SmartStarts program will have access to MyCarePath, where they will find helpful information about pregnancy and parenthood.

Cost Estimating Tool

The MedCost cost estimating tool provides local cost ranges for the most shoppable medical services and procedures along with area providers who perform those procedures. These costs are organized by the place of service and can help your employees make more informed, cost-effective care decisions. Patient reviews and quality scores provide additional context and information about the providers. Estimating is easy for employees—the tool’s search bar can be found online in their member account. This is a nationally recognized cost estimating tool with 850,000 providers represented and can be added to your health plan at any time.