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Helping Employees Be Their Best Selves

Health care benefits are designed to help your employees be their best selves—from physical and emotional health to social and financial health.

By choosing MedCost, you have the resources to support a positive and productive workplace while keeping your employees healthy and well. Through our partnership, we can provide engagement strategies and communication support to remind employees of the many wellness options available to them as we strive to drive participation. In addition, we encourage employers to take advantage of every opportunity to remind employees of preventive medical services like annual check-ups, mammograms and more that are covered in their plan.

See what wellness benefit options are available to your company.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services, including consultations by phone, apps or video conferencing, are on the rise as employers make medical care more accessible, affordable and convenient for their busy employees. Many acute health concerns can be treated without incurring the expense of an office visit, urgent care facility or emergency room visit. Conditions such as respiratory and urinary tract infections, allergies, anxiety, muscle and arthritic pain, and minor joint sprains and strains can all be treated via phone or mobile device. Employees have 24/7/365 access to doctors licensed to practice medicine in their respective states. A Caregiver Program also allows employees to add an elderly or sick relative to their account and arrange video or phone visits for a flat fee. Telehealth can be added to your health plan at any time.

Financial Health and Education

Financial stress can affect an employee’s outlook and health. Fifth Third Bank, in partnership with MedCost, is committed to providing the knowledge needed to make sound financial decisions and actively manage finances. Help your employees find insight on topics like budgeting and saving, home buying, protecting your finances and more.

Fitness Center Network

Remind employees that there are 12,700+ participating fitness centers and studios nationwide and 12,000+ on-demand workout videos available to them for just $28 a month (plus a $28 enrollment fee and applicable taxes).

The Wellness Outlet – Wearable Devices

Give your employees the gift of activity! Use the Wellness Outlet to provide access to discounts on name brand wearable devices from companies like Fitbit and Garmin. Devices start with prices as low as $29 and offer features ranging from basic step counting to heart rate monitoring and GPS. 

Employers can boost this benefit by contributing to, or even covering, the cost of wearable devices for their employees. The employer specifies the amount of their contribution and employees use a code at checkout to access those discounts or incentives.

Tobacco-Free Living

Living without tobacco is a personal journey. There are a variety of support tips and tools from the National Cancer Institute, as well as phone and live chat support from a tobacco cessation coach and expert. Help employees build a quit plan with confidence.