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MedCost Virginia Credentialing Change Effective 01/09/2023

Partnering with Verisys Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO)

In our ongoing efforts to offer the best quality care for our members, MedCost Virginia is collaborating with Verisys to provide credentialing verification services for providers in our network.

As a participating MedCost Virginia provider, you may receive correspondence from Verisys requesting that you update your CAQH application, reattest your information, and/or authorize MedCost as a participating plan. In the event additional information is needed to complete the application process, Verisys staff also may contact your offices directly. Any requests from Verisys are legitimate and vital to MedCost’s provider credentialing process. Your prompt response and cooperation with Verisys as MedCost’s credentialing (CVO) partner is appreciated.

If you have questions or concerns, please email [email protected] or call our Customer Service Contact Center at 1-800-824-7406.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.