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Open Enrollment Resources from MedCost

For many employers, open enrollment is an important part of the fall schedule. Are you ready to make this enrollment period a success? Take our Pop Quiz and find out.

Your deadline for open enrollment information has been set and your employees have been reminded of the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, should you

a. Continue to accept enrollment information for a few days. 
b. Continue to accept enrollment information indefinitely.  
c. Let employees know that you can’t accept enrollment information after the deadline to ensure that everything is entered and new ID cards (if needed) will arrive by the renewal date.

Your employee submitted enrollment information for a dependent but didn’t include a date of birth or social security number. Should you

a. Submit the enrollment to MedCost without the information and hope for the best.
b. Fill in the blanks using the employee’s date of birth and social security number.
c. Contact the employee for the missing information and make a point to stress the need for accurate and complete information on dependents to all other employees.

If you answered “c” to the questions above, then you are ready to begin a successful open enrollment season! If not, no worries. MedCost Benefit Services’ Open Enrollment Guide can provide you with best practices and helpful tips for all aspects of enrollment. 

Here are some highlights from our Open Enrollment Guide:

  • For clients with a January 1 plan renewal date, the deadline for submitting enrollment data to MedCost is November 21, 2019. 
  • Submit only updates or changes, along with new enrollees. 
  • Collect all enrollment data and submit it to MedCost at one time, not piecemeal or in multiple spreadsheets or as a single spreadsheet with multiple tabs. See our standard enrollment template for reference and the preferred Excel format. 
  • Stress the importance of entering good (clean) data, especially if members enter their own enrollment information into a benefits administration system or enrollment tool. 
  • Ease requests for HR support by encouraging health plan members to create a secure online account on www.MedCost.com and use the many tools and self-service capabilities available there. Download and share this flyer with your plan members to let them know the advantages of having a secure online account. 
  • Make it easier to share information with plan members about current benefit offerings and future plan enhancements by collecting employee email addresses and mobile numbers. 

MedCost is here to support you and help your open enrollment fall into place! Please contact your MedCost Benefit Services Account Manager if you have any questions.