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7 Workplace Wellness Programs for Employees

Employees have faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic. One study showed that 75% of the nation’s workers have battled anxieties about current events, affecting productivity and overall health.

Now, more than ever, employers have a unique opportunity to provide benefits that support employee well-being physically, mentally, and socially. 

Here are seven workplace wellness programs to improve well-being for employees, while minimizing employer costs.


of the nation’s workers have battled anxieties about current events

1. Fitness Memberships

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a key reason businesses offer appealing fitness options in their benefits. Discounted memberships provide onsite gyms in local and national locations, online workout videos and access to personal trainers. 

Some larger companies offer classes or fitness centers at their workplaces. An increasing number of businesses include incentives for physical activity, such as reduced health premium costs or cash payments. 

2. Mental Health Support

The Census Bureau reports that over one-third of Americans have shown clinical symptoms of anxiety or depression in 2020. But employees are concerned about voicing stress at work, and a need for mental health support. Employers are adding programs to address stress management, substance abuse, trauma recovery and more into benefits packages.  

3. Tobacco Cessation 

A key way for employers to cut health plan costs and improve employee health is access to tobacco cessation programs. Individual coaching or customized resources can give employees the motivation needed to make lifestyle changes that last. Understanding how to take those vital first steps can lead to positive change for entire families who may be covered under an employee’s health care plan.

4. Weight Management 

Obesity-related medical conditions are some of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States. These chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancers, cost employers millions of dollars annually. Comprehensive weight management strategies can spark motivation for employees to build new daily goals for better living.

5. Financial Well-Being

The pandemic has exposed the financial fragility that many employees face. Employers can mitigate this stress that diminishes workplace performance with support and guidance from financial programs. Budgeting plans, educational webinars or individual counseling can give valuable peace of mind in a time of high anxiety.

6. Wearable Devices

Americans rely on digital devices to find directions, read emails or count calories. Employer-sponsored programs featuring wearable devices give motivation for steps walked or fitness goals. Employees can receive recognition or other incentives for their healthy behaviors.

7.  Comprehensive Health and Wellness Platforms

With one click, employees can find their wellness benefits grouped within a secure, personalized account. Personal assessments, health records or apps can be easily reviewed from a phone, iPad or computer. Company incentive plans listed here can also spur employees to make lifestyle choices that earn rewards.

Workplace Wellness That Works

A well-designed wellness program should meet the specific needs of your employee population. That’s why we customize health care benefits to help your employees be their best selves — from physical and emotional health to social connectivity and financial health. 

Discover how our array of wellness programs can balance the care of your employees with the financial health of your company.

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