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MedCost Renewal and Open Enrollment: Are We There Yet?

Almost there?








Are we there yet?

It’s been a long road full of starts and stops, but we’re now just a little more than 30 days away from 1/1/22!

As we accelerate into this last leg of our renewal journey, here’s what’s ahead if you’ve met the prior deadlines from the suggested schedule

       By 12/7/2021 - SPD approval and signed renewal/acknowledgement documents are due to your Account Manager.

       By 12/22/2021 - MedCost Compliance will post the final SBC to the secure portal on the website.

We’re almost there, and your MedCost Account Manager is available to help make it a smooth ride to the finish. 

Watch for additional emails from your Account Manager as we navigate this renewal and open enrollment road together