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How to Help Employees Become Healthy & Whole (Video)

How to Help Employees Become Healthy & Whole (Video)

Ready to Balance the Care of Your Employees
with the Financial Health of Your Company?
  • Annual health care costs in America are $3.2 trillion.

  • Employees average 5.3 unplanned sick days per year.

  • That productivity lost is more than 1 and 1/2 hours of an 8-hour day.

$30 per member per month

When disease management and wellness programs combine, employers average $30 per member per month in decreased health care costs.


That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive program called Healthy & Whole.

Healthy & Whole encompasses physical, emotional, financial and social health – and
greater job satisfaction for employees.

The goal is to help employers balance the care of employees with the financial health of your

Healthy & Whole Includes Disease Management

  • Our nurse health coaches provide hands-on support, helping members reduce blood
    pressure, glucose levels and lose weight.

  • And for complex conditions, case managers provide expert help for families in very difficult

  • Over 73% of businesses offer corporate wellness to attract and retain talent, and strengthen
    company culture. Another advantage is to encourage enrollment in consumer-directed health
    plans, a growing trend.

Healthy & Whole Supports Lifestyle Changes

Healthy & Whole addresses not only members with chronic diseases, but the 75% who
need support with lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes – even small ones – create measurable outcomes of better health, productivity and bottom line.

The Results of Corporate Wellness Programs

Health Wellness



Implementing corporate wellness programs dropped claims costs -28%, doctor visits -17% and hospital admissions -63%.

This same study showed disability costs down -34% and injury incidence down -25%.

An employer we worked with said that he is passionate about having happy employees. If they
are happy, they will be productive and engaged.

A Program That Benefits Employees and Companies

Lifestyle coaching. Financial education. Fitness. Nurse health coaching. Long-term medical
conditions. Healthy & Whole serves everyone’s needs, including your company’s.

We want to see everyone Healthy & Whole. That’s why it’s important to us to balance the care of your employees with the financial health of your company.

(This post is a transcript from the video, “MedCost Healthy & Whole.”)

For more information on wellness consultations for employers, email Kati Davis.

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